Filing Your Application

The Complete Description - The cornerstone of the provisional patent application is the written specification. The written specification completely describes the claimed invention in sufficient detail to enable someone of ordinary skill in the relevant art to make and practice the invention.

Filing Papers - A comprehensive checklist is essential for avoiding errors in the preparation and filing of patent applications. Leaving out any component of an application can result in additional correspondence with the USPTO and potentially in the loss of the filing date.

Figures - The clarity of nearly all invention descriptions can be significantly improved by a good figure. Indeed, many inventions contain complicated ideas that would be nearly impossible to properly understand without the assistance of explanatory figures.

Mailing and Calendaring - Before mailing the completed patent application, make sure to copy all papers being submitted. Although the mail system and USPTO are very reliable considering the number of documents they handle, patent applications do occasionally get lost in the mail or misplaced at the USPTO.

Forms for Filing

Downloadable Forms - Many of the application forms provided for corresponding with the government are available online. Click here to view downloadable forms.

Example Forms - Samples for many of the forms can provide examples of how to fill in the various blanks. Click here to view example forms.

For more information on this process, download the free e-book or fill out the form on this page and let us quote your application.


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